CELEBS | Chris Brown Seems More Than Happy After Rihanna-Breakup At The Met Gala

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala - After Party

According to witnesses at the MET Gala, Chris Brown was NOT depressed at all over the Rihanna break up — not even a hint of sadness. He was happy & having fun — looking like the old Chris Brown. And what even has the Chrianna fans in shock is that Chris was in New York, where Rihanna was, and did not even attempt to contact her (like they usually do when they break up and suddenly make up).

US Weekly reported:

At one point in the night, when the deejay played a hit breakup jam, he started  loudly singing and jumping around to the music.
“He was putting on a big show, dancing and screaming to ‘Somebody That I Used to  Know’ with lots of enthusiasm,” the eyewitness says. “It seemed like he was  really into the message of the song.”
Later, around 2 a.m., the club played a song by his ex-girlfriend, “Only Girl in  the World,” and Brown hit the dance floor with a female friend.  “He was dancing casually, not aggressively, body rolling in her direction,” the  onlooker adds. (Rihanna, meanwhile, was in Boston for a concert and couldn’t  attend the Met Gala festivities.)

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