NFL | Patriots Sign Wide Receiver From The Tennessee Titans


The New England Patriots have had the most shocking cuts of the 2013 offseason — that being Wes Welker and then signing Rams’ Danny Amendola.

They, of course, are keeping their two high paid tight ends, Gronkowski and Hernandez; both having injuries last season that many say affected Patriots run for the Super Bowl.

Patriots have signed yet another receiver from another team, Lavelle Hawkins, of the Tennessee Titans. Hawkins, who was signed to the Titans in 2008 from the NFL Draft, was cut from the team last week and Patriots jumped into action quick. They give him a 2 year deal and Hawkins has only had 1 receiving touchdown, 71 catches for 771 yards.

BUT we shall not doubt his skills by his stats. Look at the history of quarterbacks in Tennessee compared to Tom Brady. From what I’ve seen, Hawkins is very athletic, as we’ve seen him jump over players during a play. Maybe he’ll get his shine with the Patriots this upcoming season.

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