NEWS | Malcolm X’s Grandson, Who Killed X’s Wife in ’97, Brutally Murdered


Human Rights Activist Malcolm X was murdered in 1965, a horrific time for African Americans and the nation as Martin Luther King Jr was murdered as well. Malcolm, married to Betty Shabazz, did have 6 kids who had kids of their own.

One of Malcolm X’s grandchildren, who was named after him, suffered the same tragic death. Malcolm Shabazz, 28, was brutally beaten to death by 2 waiters in Mexico City last week. Malcolm Shabazz is also the reason why his grandmother, Betty Shabazz, was killed as he set fire to the house when he was 12 according to NY Times. He did serve prison time. NY Times reported:

The men taken into custody, David Hernández Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Pérez de Jesús, worked as waiters at the Palace Club, a downtown bar where Mr. Shabazz, 28, was beaten, in what the city prosecutor called a dispute over an excessive bill.

Two other bar employees who the authorities said participated in the beating, which left Mr. Shabazz with fatal skull, jaw and rib fractures, were being sought – Randal Archibold, NY Times

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