NEWS | Danbury Police Under Investigation


Four Danbury police officers are under internal investigation after a report of harassment of an individual during a traffic stop.

The individual, an undocumented immigrant, was pulled over in March for driving without a license and in the country illegally.

Although the motorist was apologetic and was respectful to police, he was  subjected to a lengthy, profanity-laced tirade that was recorded by one of the  officers on his personal cellphone and circulated among some other department  members, sources said. – Libor Jany, Newstimes

One officers’ lawyer says the allegations are untrue.

3 thoughts on “NEWS | Danbury Police Under Investigation

  1. a drunk and undocumented immigrant without a liscense now has the ability to subject OUR law enforcement department with false reports—-funny, but I understand this person does not even speak ENGLISH! Give our hard working Police Officers a break and by all means the BENEFIT of the doubt before ruining their hard earned good reputations.

    So much crap goes on that goes undocumented and this is just plain WRONG!

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