LADY SPEAKS ON…Zimmerman’s Lawyer Uses Pictures of Gun & Weed In Trayvon Martin’s Phone For Evidence?


We all know the story about George Zimmerman and victim Trayvon Martin.

According to CNN, “Items taken from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone — including a text-message discussion of drug use and pictures of a gun and marijuana plants — are among new details released Thursday by attorneys for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing him without provocation 14 months ago.

The evidence, George Zimmerman’s attorneys say, paints a different picture of the 17-year-old than the one portrayed by his family and supporters. Lead defense attorney Mark O’Mara says he will try to use the evidence if prosecutors attempt to attack Zimmerman’s character during his trial on second-degree murder charges, set to begin next month.”

What does a picture of a gun and weed have anything to do with the incident? The only person that had a gun that day was Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who was told by AUTHORITES to not pursue the teen.

I don’t see the relevance of these items — they are pictures and texts. Was he high when everything happened? And even if he was, was he doing anything illegal? No, he was walking, minding his business, with skittles and ice tea. How harmful is that, even if he was under the influence?

Yes, they want to use this whole self defense plea since it’s part of the Florida state law. Can we really use that in Zimmerman’s defense? What about Martin?

Yes, Zimmerman was beat up when he chased down Martin (lets remember, Zimmerman was told not to by police). How can we see this as Zimmerman defending himself when he was the one pursuing Martin? I think this falls in Martin’s defense as he was defending himself against a man he didn’t know who chased him down for no apparent reason besides the absurd quote, “looking suspicious”.

The defense for Zimmerman are trying to ruin the character of Trayvon Martin. Why does it matter what the pictures and texts demonstrate (character wise) if he was not acting in the manner they are trying to exhibit?

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