NEWS | New Milford Cop, Who Was Investigated For Murdering Teen Suspect, Commits Suicide (PIC)


41-year-old Scott Smith, a former New Milford cop who made nationwide news for killing 19-year-old black suspect Franklyn Reed (pic below), was found dead yesterday in his home. The police have ruled it a suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smith was acquitted by jury on the murder charges of Reed, the first Connecticut cop to be tried for murder. He was convicted of manslaughter and served 6 years.

Newstimes reported:

In 1998, the then-27-year-old Smith had been a police officer for two years  when he shot and killed 19-year-old Franklyn  Reid, of New Milford, on Dec. 29, while trying to take him into custody.

Witnesses who were driving by the two men along Route 202 and standing at a  gas station across the street said Smith had Reid face down on the ground.  Reid’s hands, they said, were outstretched above his head and, later, clasped  behind his back. Smith’s left foot was on Reid’s back and the barrel of his  pistol was touching Reid’s back when the weapon was fired, they said.

Smith claimed that Reid was resisting him and refused to show his hands.  Smith said he feared that Reid had a weapon and would turn it on him.


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