NFL | Jets’ Rookie Quarterback Signs With Roc Nation Sports


This guy is a trip already!

WVU quarterback Geno Smith already fits the attitude of the Jets organization. Smith has already promised he would get the Jets to the playoffs, the same Jets that let go of Darelle Revis and Tebow (say what you want with that), their running back was arrested and the negativity has surrounded them with the horrific performance from Mark Sanchez and coaching strategies throughout last season.

Then he fires his agents that got him into the draft and drafted period. Now, he signs with the new Roc Nation Sports with rapper Jay-Z. He is the first NFL player to sign with the Roc Nation sports. He is not the only hot athlete signed to this agency as Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins signed with them as well.

I hope all this drama he has started now works out in the end. Jets seem to not do so well in the negative light and in the shadow of the New York Giants.

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