NEWS | Al Qaeda Magazine Praises Boston Bombing, Encourages Readers


This frightens me! Especially when this magazine is in the US.

According to CNN, an Al Qaeda magazine has been praising the Boston bombings and are encouraging readers in the USA to do the same. Boston bombers are looked upon as heroes to the Al Qaeda. CNN’s Ashley Killough and Paul Cruickshank reported:

According to an English copy of the magazine obtained by Flashpoint Partners, an American group tracking jihadist websites, the issue also has a section heralding the killing of a British soldier in London last week.

The authors of the magazine, published by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula based in Yemen, argue April’s deadly violence in Boston proves that lone-wolf attacks can be effective in the United States. The issue also warns Americans that they’re not safe against such “unstoppable” operations.

Investigators believe that alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed days after the attack, accessed Inspire magazine, which had instructions on bomb-making, a law enforcement official told CNN this month

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