NFL | Mark Sanchez Says He Will Start, Despite Negativity Or Geno Smith


NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is real confident after that horrible season (although injuries did occur). Let’s not forget they just drafted big mouth Geno Smith from West Virginia. Sanchez told NY Daily News:

“I don’t plan on that happening. I’m planning on playing, I’m planning on starting.”

We all know Sanchez is head coach Rex Ryan’s favorite after the many of times Sanchez should have been benched but wasn’t — and of course the tattoo he has with his wife in a Sanchez Jets jersey. Ryan refused to use Tebow when they had him. Ryan told NY Daily News:

“I think (Sanchez has) done a nice job this offseason, I think he’s in great shape. Is he more accurate with the football? I’m not sure what the numbers will say, I really don’t know. I feel he has a confidence about it. I don’t know how much it left him — but I think last year, some of it. I think it’s safe to say some of his confidence was shaken a little bit last year. But I think he’s feeling good about himself.”


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