NBA | Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard Not Scared Of Lebron, “Accept the Challenge”


The NBA Finals are finally set after a long Game 7 series between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. San Antonio Spurs been waiting as they swept the Memphis Grizzles 4 – 0 in the West Finals. The defending champs, Miami Heat, will be playing against the Spurs and this is not Lebron’s first time playing against the Spurs for a ring. This will be James’ second time, but first with the Heat, prior with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe he will seek revenge. But it’s not phasing Spurs player Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard told ESPN:

“I was just laying (down), seeing who we were going to play”

“It’s just a great challenge for me to try to help my team win by playing good defense on him. I just accept the challenge and am ready to play.”

Game 1 is tomorrow night.

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