NEWS | DJ Quik’s Daughter Arrested For Murder


DJ Quik’s daughter, 21-year-old Davieanna Marlena Blake, was arrested for murder with 24-year-old Darnell Moses Alvarez in Phoenix.

Blake & Alvarez are charged with murdering their 2-year-old son. The cause of death was a beating as the child’s injuries showed a lacerated liver, severe internal bleeding and multiple bruises.

VLADTV reports:

A witness told investigators that they heard Alvarez disciplining and spanking the child for wetting the bed, which they called “excessive.” Alvarez had allegedly whipped the child with a belt and Blake was too scared to intervene, because she thought it would upset him more.

Blake claimed she went to work, and when she returned the child was lethargic and not breathing. The couple continued to argue over taking him to the hospital, as Alvarez admitted to spanking the boy with a woven belt after he soiled himself earlier in the day

One thought on “NEWS | DJ Quik’s Daughter Arrested For Murder

  1. Soooooo sad! I was beatin’ as a child for bed wettin. At age 2 years old in males thats impossible to hold your bladder all nite.I recieved a broken collar bone from my mother for excessive bed wettin.I wish at 9yrs. old who could i have told,so scared in the 70’s.These young parents need too be under the jail house locked up for ever!!!! God will take care of babies and fool’s.

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