NFL | Fans Scared What Happened To Bledsoe Will Happen To Brady With Tebow As Backup


Once I said the breaking news that Tim Tebow has been signed to the New England Patriots as a backup quarterback, Patriots fans were not too pleased with the signing but some are. The media will be different in Boston with this signing but I doubt it will be out of order like it was with the New York Jets organization.

One story that was brought up was the Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady incident, where Brady got his time to shine and became one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history once Bledsoe got injured.

Why are people bringing this up now? Because Patriots have not had a backup quarterback with such press in a very long time. Brady however didn’t get press until his first two games starting.

No, Tebow will not replace Brady like he should of with Sanchez in New York (my opinion).

What will be great for this 2013-14 season is if the Patriots allow Tebow to get some playing time when they play the Jets, which they will twice this season since they are division rivals. I hope so and I hope Tebow shows them what they’ve been missing.

By the way, Bellichick is fine with the signing because he likes Tebow’s “versatility”. Brady will definitely be a better coach for Tebow than Mark Sanchez and lets be serious, Bellichick is way better than Rex Ryan.

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