NEWS | 3 Cities In Connecticut Ranked Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America; Gangs Increasing


Connecticut is not what people think: all suburbs with mansions and rich people. Definitely not.

Business Insider ranked their top 25 most dangerous cities in America and three of the top cities were in Connecticut.

The three cities on that list is New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport. The reason for these three cities to be on that list is the high increase rate of gangs, according to Business Insider. Personally, living in CT, there are more cities than what is listed that are highly violent.

It’s not clear why gangs thrive in Connecticut, but research has shown crime  is more prevalent in areas with high income gaps. And Connecticut has the  starkest contrast between the rich and the poor, according to Census  data analyzed by Bloomberg.

Here is the top 25 list:

1. Flint, MI

2. Detroit, MI

3. Oakland, CA

4. Bridgeport, CT

5. New Orleans, LA

6. Cleveland, OH

7. St. Louis, MO

8. Jackson, Miss

9. Baltimore, MD

10. Newark, NJ

11. Birmingham, AL

12. Philadelphia, PA

13. Memphis, TN

14. Little Rock, AK

15. Baton Rouge, LA

16. Cincinnati, OH

17. Stockton, CA

18. Buffalo,  NY

19. Dayton, Ohio

20. New Haven, CT

21. Kansas City, MO

22. Minneapolis, MN

23. Atlanta, GA

24. Hartford, CT

25. Milwaukee, WIS

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