NFL | Patriots’ Tight End Accused of Shooting CT Man In Face, Lawsuit Filed


It’s not a good few days for Connecticut born tight end who plays for the New England Patriots.

ESPN reported that Aaron Hernandez is being investigated for a murder as his name was issued for a rental that is a key piece of evidence. Massachusetts police have said they do not consider him as a suspect.

HOWEVER, something else has come up! A report says Hernandez shot a Connecticut man in February and is now facing a civil suit. The victim claims that Hernandez and him got into a heated argument after leaving a Miami nightclub and Hernandez shot him in the face. The victim and Hernandez are friends and have been for years.

The original lawsuit, Jaroslawicz said, alleged that Hernandez shot Bradley in the face. The refiling contends that Bradley was shot in the arm but the bullet traveled into his head and caused damage there, including the loss of his right eye.

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