SMH | Rapper Brings Camera Crew To REAL Drug Deal To Film; Faces Up To Life in Prison


You don’t have to be the brightest to know this was a bad idea.

Brooklyn rapper Michael Garrett brought a camera crew with him to Pennsylvania to film a REAL LIFE drug deal. One of the people in that camera crew, that I’m assuming Garrett thought he could trsut, snitched on him and now Garrett is facing 10 to life.

Garrett’s lawyer, however, is saying he was in character for the music video.

VLADTV reported:

Garrett is the leader of the Brownsville-based posse “Together Forever Mafia,” and had hired a crew to make a video out of his interstate travels. The video allegedly shows Garrett also reacting to the state trooper’s bust of one of his associates, as he gathers piles of cash and speaks to his lawyer to make sure “nobody is talking on nobody.”

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