NEWS | The Highest-Calorie Item At Fast Food Joints; Including Panera Bread, Subway & More


According to Yahoo! reports, at these selected fast food joints, this item is the HIGHEST calorie item:

Panera Bread, steak and white cheddar on a French baguette 980 calorites

Dunkin Donuts, French mocha coffee coolatta with cream 730 calories

Wendys, Dave’s Hot & Juicy 3/4lb triple patty with cheese 1,120 calories

Subway, mega melt on flatbread with egg 670 calories

Taco Bell, volcanic nachos 970 calories

White Castle, 20 chicken rings 1,760 calories

McDonalds, big breakfast (pancakes, biscuit, eggs, sausage, syrup, butter) 1,350 calories

Burger King, ultimate breakfast platter (pancakes, egg, sausage, hashbrowns, biscuit) 1,450 calories

Pizza Hut, 14in large meat lover pan pizza 470 calories


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