WTF | Chris Brown Puts Rihanna Song Back On His Album; Karrueche “Done” with Him?


Karrueche – Chris Brown – Rihanna. The biggest love triangle story since the end of last year. Chris with Rihanna but creeping with Karrueche. Chris creeping with Karrueche but creeping with Rihanna. We all thought it was over, but apparently not.

Chris confirmed on his twitter that he put the duet with him and Rihanna back on his upcoming album. Reports before said the young stud deleted the song due to their horrible break up and his rekindled relationship with Karrueche, but Chris has changed his mind. Karrueche wrote “done” or her Twitter and seems to have unfollowed Chris on Twitter. “Done” can mean so many things though.

Rihanna is back in the states after she was overseas doing her Diamonds tour. Her and Chris Brown broke up when the overseas portion of her tour began.

Maybe Chris should just be single.

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