NFL | 3rd Suspect Snitches About Aaron Hernandez’ “Flop House” Where Police Find More Evidence


Police started with only circumstantial evidence that placed former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez under arrest for the murder of his friend, semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. The third suspect in this murder case, Carlos Ortiz, told police about another location known as the “flop house” they haven’t checked.

FOX NEWS reported that the police searched the other house owned by Hernandez in Massachusetts, 10 miles from his main residence. Police found a white hoodie and baseball cap he allegedly wore the night of the murder. Also, ammunition from  .45 caliber was found that matches the bullets found in Lloyd. They also found valet parking tickets from the club where it allegedly all began.

Connecticut police are assisting the Boston police in the case and an additional murder case where, in 2012, two men were shot dead in a drive by and they believe Hernandez was involved.

(source: FOX NEWS)

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