NFL | Police Believe Aaron Hernandez’ Fiancee Is Hiding Evidence


An update on the Aaron Hernandez murder case:

Police have been searching for the murder weapon which is a key piece in this case. On the night of June 17th, Odin Lloyd was shot dead and they believe the murderer is former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez. Besides the third suspect snitching, police have pictures of Hernandez with a gun before and after the time of Lloyd’s murder. However, they cannot find it. Carlos Ortiz, the third suspect, says Hernadnez stashed the murder weapon in the basement of his Massachusetts home.

Now the cops think Hernandez fiancee Shayanna Jenkins is involved, not with the murder but with hiding evidence to get her man off.

ESPN reported:

Investigators in the murder case against Aaron Hernandez recently searched a storage unit rented in the name of his fiancee, The Hartford Courant reported.

Authorities conducted the search of the unit rented to Shayanna Jenkins because they believe she made “overt attempts to hide evidence … and to hinder and mislead” the investigation, the paper said, according to court documents released Friday.

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