NEWS | Police Chase Leaves One Dead In Danbury


NEWSTIMES reported:

State police have confirmed that a driver fleeing police Sunday in Danbury, after he was stopped for seat belt enforcement, hit a Jeep with his vehicle, resulting in the death of the Jeep’s driver in Brookfield.

According to police, an officer was conducting seat belt enforcement at 6:36 p.m. on Interstate 84 East at the Exit 5 on-ramp in Danbury when he stopped a driver for failure to wear a seat belt.

When the officer was walking back to his cruiser, police said, the driver fled at a high rate of speed, and police pursued him. Police said he was driving a 2002 Acura.

Police said the chase continued on Interstate 84 to Route 7 North. The first officer was joined by a second officer as the driver exited on the Route 7 Exit 11 ramp.

The suspect has been charged with manslaughter.

Police said the first officer continued down the exit ramp and discovered the fleeing driver’s vehicle had struck a Jeep on White Turkey Road Extension at the bottom of the ramp.

Police said the impact resulted in severe injuries to the driver of the Jeep, who was transported to Danbury Hospital and pronounced dead.

Police have not identified the victim, pending notification of family, according to a spokesperson

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