NEWS | Man In Black Helmet With Rifle Opens Fire at NJ Mall


US News reported:

Authorities were looking for a gunman inside a New Jersey shopping mall Monday evening after reports of shots fired, law enforcement sources told NBC New York.

Gunfire erupted just before the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus closed at 9:30 p.m., according to the station.

More than 200 law enforcement units from local, county and state agencies were on the scene, the station reported.

“Multiple gunshots were heard. We believe it is one shooter. I know there is an active shooter near the Nordstrom area. The mall is being evacuated,” Chief of Staff at Bergen County Jeanne Baratta told Reuters.

Witnesses told the station that an unidentified suspect dressed in black — and wearing a black helmet — was carrying a rifle and started firing shots inside the large shopping complex.

“He was fully armored head to toe, like he planned this. Like it’s not like a random thing,” a male shopper who did not want to give his name told the station.

It was not immediately clear if anyone was struck.

Clarice Forbes, who works at the Talbots store at the mall, told the station that she saw the gunman as he walked past her store.

“When he walked past our store, he looked directly in the store and strolled past,” Forbes said. “It was very, very terrifying.”

She added: “There were so many thoughts going through my head. I was so scared.”

Forbes said that as the gunman walked through the mall, he appeared to fire his rifle in the air.

There are upwards of 200 stores and 50 restaurants and eateries inside the mall.

Paramus is a borough in Bergen County, the most populous county in New Jersey.

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