NFL | New York Giants To Lose Two Championship Players

The NY Giants are lucky to be in the top 10 picks in this upcoming NFL Draft as Tom Coughlin is sitting at the NFL Combine right now, thankful for his 1 year extension knowing it’s crunch time after the second consecutive year missing the playoffs.

However, the news of losing two Championship players from the Giants is never a good way to start off the offseason. According to ESPN reports, both Justin Tuck and Hakeem Nicks will be testing out the free agency. There are a couple of more players such as Stevie Smith and Terell Thomas that might be going them. Tuck and Nicks both won the Superbowl with the Giants in 2011 however both players stats have decreased since then due to injuries.

I can definitely see the Giants going after a receiver and defensive help in the upcoming draft.

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