CELEBS | Poor Chris Brown! Karrueche Dumps Him, Rihanna & Drake Possible Couple


Nothing is going right for Chris Brown if any of these stories are true.

We have heard about Rihanna and Drake for the past week as she’s literally with him everyday all day overseas on his concert tour. Drake and Chris are not the best of friends.

NY Daily News just reported that Karrueche just dumped Chris Brown because of a visit from Rihanna a few months ago. Rihanna supposedly visited Brown at rehab and Karrueche just got found out. Karrueche then dumped him as she does not trust Chris with Rihanna and we could understand why as he dumped Karrueche last year for Rihanna. Karrueche did post a picture on Instagram and Twitter that she is single and it seems she’s doing very well for herself.

Damn Chris.

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