Derek Fisher Debating Between Two Head Coaching Jobs?

The Oklahoma City Thunder fell short yet again to make it to the NBA Finals against the defending champs, the Miami Heat.

There are talks about the officiating and chemistry between this years MVP Kevin Durant and star point guard Russell Westbrook.

There are also talks outside the Thunder organization for Derek Fisher who stated he would be retiring after this season. NY Knicks’ Phil Jackson did have a head coach as Steve Kerr supposedly verbally agreed to a four year deal until Warriors got him to sign. Jackson had no choice but to move on and has shown interest in Fisher and has even said he will wait for Fisher but that he’s not the only candidate on his list. Fisher’s former coach & his new team is not the only one waiting for him as Fisher’s former team, the LA Lakers, are also on the waiting list.

Fisher told ESPN:
“It’s not that many hours since postgame at this point. I’m still struggling with the results of last night. I haven’t got a chance to talk to my wife and kind of step back emotionally from the end of the season. That’s important to do, so that whatever is next, there has to be a separation from the end of the season and what just happened and then I can go from there.”

“There’s for sure huge layers added to [the decision]. The personal relationship and professional relationship that I’ve had with Phil Jackson over the years, and being in the position that he’s in. And also, with the Lakers having an opening, it for sure adds layers to it. But like other important decisions in life, I don’t think you can be driven by what’s going on externally. You have to have an internal set of boundaries and just kind of a compass that you make decisions by. I’ll combine all those things as I try and make the best decision possible.”

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