Paul George Says “I Don’t Know” When Asked If Teammate Should Remain A Pacer

Indiana Pacers showed the most inconsistency and bad chemistry in the NBA playoffs yet still made it to the East Finals falling short yet AGAIN to the Miami Heat.

And when I say inconsistency, I mean just that. As you watched the playoffs, you saw Roy Hibbert playing when he felt like it, Paul George trying to carry a team on his own that either hurt him or worked for him, Lance Stephenson trash talking 4x MVP 2x champ Lebron James and then blaming refs and not the missed free throws, the 86 turnovers in the 5 game series or the horrible teamwork.

Paul George was asked if Lance Stephenson should be Pacer next season as he will be a free agent:
“I don’t know. That’s for Larry [Bird], Kevin Pritchard, for them to decide,”

Then George came back to end it on a good note after he realized what he had said:

“(we) came into this league together. It would be great for us to continue our journey together.”

Which statement do you think he really meant?

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