U. of Oregon Let Players Play in Tournament After Rape Accusation

A woman wrote the Oregon Ducks school paper about how the university chooses their athletic department over the safety of students as she states she was sexual assaulted by three Oregon Duck basketball players.

The letter has become a nationwide statement as Daily Emerald published it and the Wall Street Journal.

According to her lawyer, who also represented the woman in the Kobe Bryant case, says the incident occurred on March 8 when Ducks finished their regular season. The woman and her father called the police.

That’s all we know.

When the university was notified of the accusations, they still allowed the players to play in the NCAA tournament. One of the players did not play due to transfer rules in the NCAA. However, the players were kicked off the team a month ago according to ESPN.

Investigators state that there isn’t enough evidence to convict the players.

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