Houston Texans Name Starting Quarterback


According to NFL.com reports, the Houston Texans have named their staring quarterback after releasing Matt Schaub who played for the Texans since 2007. Schaub had 23,221 yards, 124 touchdowns, 78 interceptions and 26 fumbles. Schaub was released from the Texans after a 2-14 season and is now with the Oakland Raiders.

Texans stated today that they will have quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback. Fitzpatrick was released by the Buffalo Bills in 2012 after Bills signed Florida State quarterback E.J Manuel. Fitzpatrick did play for the Titans last season after being cut by the Bills who he played for since 2009. Fitzpatrick had 11,654 yards, 80 touchdowns, 64 interceptions and 16 fumbles.

As we look at the stats, both quarterbacks have a history of turning the ball over. But with their first draft pick this year, maybe their defense will win the games.

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