Lebron James May Not Be A Heat Player After All

Do we put loyalty in perspective within the NBA?

Lebron James, most hated for leaving his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers, may have a deja vu moment. He definitely had a deja vu moment this NBA Finals like he had with the Cavaliers before.

According to ESPN, James is not sure if he will remain a Miami Heat. After the horrific Game 5 loss in the NBA Finals, the “Big 3” may be splitting up.

Many do agree and believe that it was not James’ fault for the NBA Finals loss as other players, such as Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers and Chris Bosh, slacked in defense, rotation and offensive plays.

Michael Wallace of ESPN reported: “LeBron James said he remains uncertain if he will opt out of the remaining two years on his Miami Heat contract and will take a vacation with his family before contemplating his future.”

James had an exit interview with coaching staff Tuesday. James still has two seasons left in his contract for $40M.

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