Shabazz Napier Unfollows Lebron James On Twitter After Returning To Cleveland

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
Miami Heats new player Shabazz Napier was specifically recruited, basically, from Pat Riley as Lebron James praised the NCAA Champ point guard. Riley flew to Napier after the Heat lost the title to San Antonio Spurs and the possibility of James opting out of his contract.

As Riley got the trade from the Charlotte Hornets for Napier, Lebron went back on the social media stating Heat got the best point guard. Whatever makes James happy is what Riley was TRYING to do.

Napier thinking, like majority of NBA fans, that James would stay and Dwyane Wade could teach Napier to be the next guard for the team.

However, when James announced he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Napier was not too pleased. He deleted all tweets between him and James as well as unfollowing him on Twitter. When you unfollow or “defriend” anyone on any social network, it’s a big thing.

Napier claims he didn’t unfollow James and that he’s not on Twitter like that. So his account supposedly did it by itself.

Do you think Napier was better off with Kemba Walker and the Hornets?

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