Alex Smith Says He Should Be On The List of Top Current Quarterbacks

Honestly, I would have to agree.

Since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has been a STARTING quarterback (season 2011), he is 30-9-1. Before he ended up with a concussion from his backwards slide against the St. Louis Rams in 2012, the 49ers were 6-2. Colin Kaepernick of course finishing this game against the Rams, ending in a tie game. Many believe the only reason why Smith lost his starting position was because that injury that gave Kaepernick the opportunity to shine.

Smith was then signed to Kansas City Chiefs with new head coach Andy Reid. Before Smith and Reid, the Chiefs have only been to the playoffs twice in the past eight season (2010, 2006). Chief started off 9-0 last season until losing three games straight against playoff teams Denver Broncos (played twice) and San Diego Chargers. Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the postseason after losing star players: running back Jamaal Charles, backup running back Knile Davis, linebacker Justin Houston, cornerback Brandon Flowers and receiver Donnie Avery and despite the fact Chiefs were up 38-10 before the domino effect of injuries, the Chiefs only lost by 1. Smith had 3,313 passing yards, 431 rushing yards, 23 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and 4 fumbles last season, 89.1 QB rate.

The challenges of competing for the starting quarterback role in San Francisco since his rookie year and the non stop injuries causing inconsistencies in his performance have kept Smith away from starting for a full season until 2011.

Smith told the Kansas City Star that he should be getting paid as other top quarterbacks and he is aware of deals other quarterbacks have received:

“Certainly when you’re talking about comparables and what the marketplace is for a quarterback, certainly you’re looking at that. And I feel like my body of work of the last three, four years is right up there with a lot of those guys. No question, when you’re trying to put a value on something like that, you look at a lot of stuff.”

ESPN reports Smith is supposed to receive $7.5M and quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford have deals for $17 to $18M annually.

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