Man, Who Stops A Fight, Dies After NYPD Puts Him In Choke Hold (VIDEO)

A young man recorded the whole incident. It’s becoming a duty now for the public to capture footage anytime police are involved just “in case” situations like this one occurs.

The young man states in the footage that “all he did was stop a fight”. The good Samaritan Eric Garner was then questioned by police and refused to be handcuffed as he did nothing wrong. It took five officers to handcuff Garner as one put him in a choke hold. Garner begs the cops to stop as he says he cant breathe but they don’t stop. According to reports, Garner is asthmatic. Police seem to panic and push every one back, even the young man recording who is on the footsteps of his residence, when they realize something is wrong when Garner stopped moving.

photo credit: dailynews

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