Michael Jordan Gets Beat For Top Spot In “Most Liked Athlete” Poll

Michael “Air’ Jordan has held the number one spot in a lot of things that involve sports. The Harris Poll released today however, Jordan is now second when it comes to the Most Liked Athlete poll. What’s more shocking is that this player was once the most hated athlete.

According to a NY Daily News report, Jordan was number one for over 10 years (93-05) and now Lebron James is the number one athlete. We can probably agree it is due to the Cleveland homecoming as James opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat. James left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 on a “The Decision” TV show that embarrassed Cavs fans and didn’t leave a good impression with many NBA fans.

Jordan is ranked number two this year, NY Yankees Derek Jeter sits at three a he is retiring this year and a definite MLB Hall of Famer. Broncos quarterback and last years MVP Peyton Manning sits at four and Lakers Kobe Bryant at 5.

Two stars dropped out of the top ten, that being NFL analyst Tim Tebow and golfer Phil Mickelson.

In the Most Like Female Athlete, Serena Williams top the list for the fifth consecutive year.

(photo credit: richestcelebrities.net)

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