NY Jets’ Rex Ryan To Use Michael Vick Like Tim Tebow

NY Jets basically made it worse for former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Some may say it was a business perspective but it did ruin his career. Throwing the quarterback in for a 3rd and short to do a run play, pick the 3rd string over him when he was the backup, destroying his stats. That’s what the Jets did to the young man. Granted, he wasn’t the best quarterback, but he got the “W”.

According to NFL reports, NY Jets coach Rex Ryan plans on using Michael Vick the same way. Jets former GM Mike Tannenbaum, who knows Ryan very well, stated on “Inside Training Camp Live”:

“I think the Vick signing makes sense on a couple other levels. One, Michael Vick’s been to the highs and the lows in the NFL, and that wisdom and experience is important, that’s so valuable that he can pass along to Geno Smith. But there’s another part that I know is really important to Rex Ryan, which is Michael Vick’s gonna play this year … he likes when the ball is in the hands of the quarterback that can make plays either throwing or running. And it may be five plays one game, it may be 25 another game.”

There is a different between Tebow and Vick though.

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