Unarmed Pregnant Robber Shot & Killed! Cops Debating If Homeowner Should Be Arrested

You can debate this in so many ways.

NY Post reported that 28-year old Andrea Miller and 28-year old Gus Adams were in Tom Greer’s California home, around 9pm, robbing him. Greer arrived and the two, who were unarmed, attacked the 80-year old man, body slamming him breaking his collar bone. As the two were fleeing through Greer’s garage, Greer managed to get his shot gun and gave chase. The woman yelled to Greer “Don’t shoot me — I’m pregnant — I’m going to have a baby” according to Greer’s interview. He shot her anyway; twice in the back killing her.

Miller was not visibly pregnant according to Greer and an autopsy will be done to confirm.

Police are debating if they should press charges on Greer who shot an unarmed woman who claimed she was pregnant. They have arrested Adams on suspicion of burglary and murder as in a felony that led to death.

Should the homeowner be arrested for shooting the woman who claimed she was pregnant? Or do we look at it as they both were unarmed? Or should we see that these two were stealing from the man? However they were fleeing the scene — why would a 80 year old man chase down two young robbers?

I see this becoming a bigger story in due time once families call their lawyer.

(source: NY Post)

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