Matt Schaub Playing Better Than Ever With Raiders

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp
NFL quarterback Matt Schaub was booed by his own fans in Houston Texas and that can and will ruin your confidence as it did for the 11 year veteran.

Schaub has moved on since then to the Oakland Raiders who needed a quarterback and were willing to give Schaub a chance, even after a season where he was benched after throwing 14 interceptions, four of those being pick sixes. According to, reports coming from Oakland is that Schaub is getting his confidence back. Raiders lineman Antonio Smith, who played with him in Houston also, told San Francisco Chronicle:

“Schaubby’s getting his mojo back. He’s getting his confidence back. He’s starting to believe in himself again. He is starting to throw with confidence. You would be surprised just how much your mindset is important in this league.”

Schaub is still in competition for the starting spot as the Raiders picked up rookie Derek Carr in the draft.

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