Chris Brown Dumps Girlfriend, Not For Rihanna Though

Model Karrueche and her friends started telling the media that she dumped Chris Brown, again, for his obsession with his celebrity ex Rihanna and his clubbing ways.

Let’s remind you Chris has always been a party’er.

Chris Brown and his crew are saying different according to TMZ. Supposedly Chris dumped Karrueche when he came to the realization that she was using his name to build her fame. TMZ reported:

“..he found out she was texting and sending photos to other guys while they were together. He was also furious she did interviews for her clothing line and talked about their relationship. In a word … Chris decided she was “an opportunist” and dumped her.”

She was always there for him when he was in and out of court and jail. Even took him back after he publically humiliated her as he went back to Rihanna for that short moment. But you can look at it as she took him back for those reasons.. Who knows!

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