Man, Who Filmed NYPD Killing Eric Garner By Chokehold, Arrested!

Ramsey Orta, who captured the death of Eric Garner that caused an outrage in the black community (video of the incident below), has been arrested for gun possession even though Orta is claiming that the NYPD has been following him since the death and are setting him up. Garner, who broke up a fight, was killed by NYPD as they put Garner in a chokehold which was caught all on camera. The death of Garner has been ruled a homicide.

Orta told NY Daily News:

“They lying on me, they doing me wrong. I’ve been harassed by the police since this whole video”

He told reporters that when the arrested him Saturday that they started videotaping him:
‘Excuse me officer, you’re violating my rights now’,” he said. “That’s when (one of the officers) said, ‘Shut your mouth,’ and ‘karma’s a bitch. What goes around comes around.'”

Officers made a statement that they were not harassing or targeting Orta when he passed his girlfriend Alba Lejak the stolen .25 caliber in front of a Staten Island hotel. Orta was known before the Garner tragedy with his 27 arrests since 2009.

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