MMA Fighter Is On The Run After Brutally Beating Girlfriend (PICS)

MMA Fighter “War Machine” (real name Jon Koppenhaver) put his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack, in the hospital after brutally beating her. Mack ended up with a fractured rib, broken bones around her eye, knocked out teeth, ruptured liver, broken bone and an injured leg, plus he cut off some of her hair.

The two have been dating for awhile and live together in Vegas.

VLADTV reported:

According to War Machine, he came home early to surprise her, help her set up for her adult show, and also ask her to marry him as well. However, Christy was apparently home with another man, which is when things went south. According to War Machine, “[I] ended up fighting for my life,” once he entered their house and found the other man with Christy.
He didn’t go too far into detail regarding what Christy was doing with the other man, which has left many fans on Twitter and Instagram to come up with their own assumptions that she was cheating on him. War Machine stated that “The cops will never give me fair play, never believe me,” and that the entire situation is just “heart breaking.”

Mack’s rep said she is in very bad shape and is offering $5,000 for Koppenhaver’s location.


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