Michael Brown Shooting Not Recorded On Ferguson Police Dash Camera

Many were asking, instead of all the “he said, she said”, why don’t we just see what really to happened to Mike Brown on camera as all police cars do have dash cameras for situations like this. The evidence captured on these dash cameras not only help police but citizens as well. Brown was shot dead by police August 9th that has caught an outrage in the black community in St. Louis and across the nation. The story is that Brown has his hands up after a little scuffle with police but was shot multiple times anyway.

According to CNN’s Ashley Fantz, we will not see this footage. The Ferguson police car that was involved in the tragedy has no dash camera. The department has bought dash camera but the equipment has not been installed. The reason why is because of funds.

Let me just add that dash cameras for police cars have been available since 1980 and the 1991 beating of Rodney King sparked the use of dash cameras even more.

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