Philadelphia Eagles Willing To Trade Quarterback

NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears
The Philadelphia Eagles have made a lot of interesting moves this year, starting off with getting rid of DeSean Jackson, their top receiver. Coach Chip Kelly, in his second year, has changed the offense dramatically, creating a fast pace no huddle offense – similar to his Oregon Ducks college days. Kelly might make another change if the opportunity comes.

Starting Eagles quarterback Nick Foles played 13 games and had 31 touchdowns (3 of those rushing touchdowns), 2 INT and 4 fumbles last season proving himself to start this season. Eagles and New York Jets did a swap with quarterbacks as Michael Vick signed with the Jets and Mark Sanchez signed with the Eagles.

Sanchez, the quarterback that is made fun of the most by fans, cavehas had a pretty good preseason. Sanchez is 82% in completions with 196 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interceptions in the 2 preseason games he played in. Even Kelly said the quarterback is doing very well but is still willing to trade the backup. He told CSN Philly:

“I mean, we’ll listen to anything for anybody. We’re not just going to put our head in the sand and say no. It better be a pretty good deal in terms of what it is. But that’s not in any of our thought process.

Mark has played well, but we haven’t had anybody call or ask us anything. That’s not something we’re talking about because you’re just spending time on things that could happen, should happen. I don’t know. But I know we’re really happy about him.”

As you can see, Kelly will not trade Sanchez for just anything.

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