49ers Stevie Johnson Says Him & Colin Kaepernick Are “Not Clicking”

Receiver Stevie Johnson just joined the San Francsico 49ers this year after five years with the Buffalo Bills. The Niners have been the favorite for the past two season to win it all with their dominant defense, strong running game and electrifying quarterback Colin Kaepernick. During the preseason, the Niners do look a little rusty, but it is preseason. However, top quarterbacks should never look rusty, preseason or not. Not saying they have to go to the extreme during preseason, don’t want you’re big-money contract player to get hurt. Nonetheless, what’s going on with these specific two?

Could it possibly be off-field issues?

No, but Johnson did say him and Kaepernick are not clicking..when it comes to football chemistry:

“I would say we’re getting close. I can’t say we’re completely on. It’s only been a couple months. It’s getting there. I can’t say we’re clicking right now but we’re getting there.”

Kaepernick stated on the Sacramento Bee:

“There are times that he’s going to make a move on a DB, and you have to be ready because he’s also making a move that you have to see,” Kaepernick said, per The Sacramento Bee. “So I think that’s something where it took a little bit longer just to get used to his body language because he had some unorthodox things that he does. But ultimately his separation is there, he’s getting open.

Johnson had 597 reception yards and 3 touchdowns last season, playing only 12 games with Bills. The season before, 1,046 yards and 6 touchdowns. Johnson is known to be Kaepernick’s “no.3” receiver.

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