USC Cornerback Lied About Saving Drowning Nephew To Cover Up Robbery?

Why use your nephew in a lie? Why not say you fell down the stairs? Why are your robbing anybody anyway when you have a potential NFL career ahead of you where you can make millions?!

USC starting cornerback and team captain Josh Shaw came out and said he lied about the story that hit the press that he saved his nephew from drowning. The story was that he jumped from the second story balcony as he saw his nephew drowning in a pool. He sprained his ankle doing it and became a national hero.

Well it was all a lie.

According to ESPN, USC has suspended him indefinitely. Shaw stated:

“I made up a story about this fall that was untrue. I was wrong not to tell the truth. I apologize to USC for this action on my part. My USC coaches, The USC Athletic Department, and especially coach Sarkisian have all been supportive of me during my college career and for that, I am very grateful”

LAPD mentioned that Shaw did fit the description of a suspect in a robbery. In the break-in robbery, the witnesses said a man leaving from the balcony had dreads, which Shaw does have. ESPN reported:

In the report, an individual matching Shaw’s description was seen by witnesses jumping off a three-story balcony at the Orsini Apartments near USC’s campus where Shaw’s girlfriend lives.
“On August 23, at around 10:40 p.m., officers responded to a radio call of a screaming woman at the 500 block of Figueroa,” Kim told ESPNLA. “They met witnesses who directed them to the apartment. After knocking on the door there was no response and officers made entry. No one was home. When they looked at the apartment they observed that the rear window had been pried open. Witnesses identified a male, black with dreadlocks leaving the apartment from the balcony. During the investigation the person who lives in the apartment returned and talked about her roommate and boyfriend, Josh Shaw, but he is not named as a suspect.”

Shaw’s lawyer Donald Etra says that to his understanding “There is no criminal activity whatsoever.”


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