NCAA Football Playoffs 101! This Is How It Will Work.. (PIC)

Any college football fan is more than excited for this upcoming 2014-15 season as we will witness the first playoff for college football. The BCS 16-year era is over! Now, the NCAA gives us the four-team playoff. This is how it works..

A 13-person committee will rank the Top 25 in midseason and then at the end of the season, rank the top four teams and seed them. In the four-team playoff, number one seed will play number four seed, number two seed plays number three. The two teams to win will play in the Championship. These semifinal games have Bowl names; YES they did not get rid of the Bowl games.

The Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl will host the semifinal games on New Years Day. The other bowls (Peach, Cotton, Fiesta, Orange) will be played on New Years Eve. The championship game will be a week after the semifinals in Dallas Cowboys stadium (January 12 2015).

In the BCS, it was four bowls and a championship game. Bowls were selected by polls and rankings.

The committee. Each person has a three year term and are as goes: “people with experience as coaches, student-athletes, administrators, media members and sitting directors of athletics. Current conference commissioners, coaches and media members are excluded from joining the committee. – ESPN”.

The 13 people on the committee is Jeff Long (chair & Arkansas AD), Barry Alvarez (Wisconsin AD), Lt. Gen. Mike Gould (Former Air Force Academy Superintendent), Pat Haden (USC AD), Oliver Luck (WVU AD), Tom Jernstedt (Former NCAA EVP), Archie Mannning (Former QB Ole Miss, NFL Saints/Oilers), Tom Osbourne (Former coach and AD of Nebraska), Dan Radakovich (Clemson AD), Condeleezza Rice (Former US Secretary of State), Mike Tranghese (Former Big East Commissioner), Steve Wieberg (Former USA Today Sportswriter), and Tyrone Willingham (Former coach of Stanford, Notre Dame and Washington).

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