Lady Speaks: The Most Shocking Loss Of Week 1

Even though Week 1 of the NFL season isn’t finished, there are already mind blowing losses I must speak on from today’s lineup.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to Jake Locker and the Tennessee Titans. Now this is not the most shocking to me, but the expected once I heard Chief’s top linebacker Derrick Johnson got injured, tearing his Achilles. However, Jamall Charles did not show up with only 19 rushing yards and 15 receiving yards.

Then we have the New Orlean Saints losing in overtime to the now healthy Atlanta Falcons. I do believe Saints would have won this game if it wasn’t for Marques Colston’s fumble at their own 38 yard line giving Falcons the ball and within field goal range to win. This game was a ‘back and forth’ game so who ever had the last possession would of have won which, coincidentally, happened.

The Browns losing to the Steelers was not shocking as their go-to guy receiver Josh Gordon is selling cars during his one year suspension. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with Browns’ comeback as they were down 3 to 27 at half and then only losing by 3.

Two high paid quarterbacks Bengals Andy Dalton and Ravens Joe Flacco battled it out and both sides had some amazing Top 10 highlights. Both quarterbacks have a receiver who can move full speed off a catch. I’m not shocked the Ravens lost, but more disappointed it took them until the second half of the game to start scoring..anything! Too little too late Flacco. Let’s not depend on Ray Rice to win games once he is off suspension.

Redskins losing to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Houston Texans wasn’t too shocking and not because I believe the Texans are that good, I just believe Robert Griffin III is still not the same quarterback we saw before that injury. Not just yet. I’m expecting more in the few weeks with Griffin and his now two go-to guys Pierce Garcon and DeSean Jackson. The line cannot cave1let Griffin get sacked three times and Redskins defense needs improvement on the line as they allowed Arian Foster 93 rushing yards and only one sack on Fitzpatrick, a QB known for easy turnovers.

The rebuilding Raiders did somewhat shock me as I believed their defense has improved but the quarterback Derek Carr had the typical rookie nerves. I see the Raiders getting better down the road, but their tough schedule is keeping them a playoff chance. In the next 5 weeks, the Raiders will have to play the Texans, Patriots, Dolphins, Chargers and Cardinals.

St. Louis Rams losing Sam Bradford again has always put the Rams is a bad position as they always expect their quarterback to start but ends up with an injury. Vikings blew out the Rams today but Adrian Peterson did not lead with rushing. Wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson ran for 105 yards with 1 touchdown and Peterson had 75. I know a lot of Fantasy teams who chose Peterson were not too happy as he didn’t even reach is projected amount in today’s win.

Jay Cutler has the receivers to be a great team, with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Santonio Holmes, Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett. Just the turnovers, like the three they had today against the Buffalo Bills, will not win you the game and the defense is not the same Lovie Smith defense we have seen seasons ago. This loss to the Bufallo Bills was a little shocking, despite it wasn’t a blow out.

I was not shocked that the Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers, but I am shocked on HOW they lost. Quarterback Tony Romo looked like a rookie on the field with the bad decisions, overthrown passes, missing wide open opportunities to throw into double coverage that generated 3 interception just in the first half. The NFL was only speaking about how the defense of the Cowboys will make this team lose since they lost so manycave1
defensive players like DeMarcus Ware. The defense did not play as bad as we thought, but we can all agree on this: the offense played worse that we thought. Cowboy fans, please do not be mad at Dez Bryant as he was sidelined sometimes for dehydration. Let’s be unbias for a second and look at the fact that his dehydration came from running back out of his route so much to help Romo or trying to out beat the double because Romo believes Bryant can just catch anything. Or the times Bryant had to chase after the safety or corner because of an interception on Romo’s behalf? That’s a lot of running.

The most shocking loss of this week, so far, hands down is the New England Patriots. Miami Dolphins have improved their roster and staff over the seasons, but their best recent addition was Knoshown Moreno! Not the first time Patriots had trouble with the Moreno back in his Denver Broncos days but the Patriots managed to win still. Same running back, different team. But what made it worse for the Patriots is that they were up 20 to 10 at half and scored 0 points in the second half. Dolphins outscored the Patriots 23 – 0 in the second half. Dolphins defensive pressure shut Tom Brady down the whole second half, sacking him 4 times and causing two fumbles. Besides that, the Dolphins offense kept Patriots new defense busy with Moreno breaking tackles at the line and receiver Mike Wallace in the secondary, in the face of top corner Darrelle Revis, n obvious problem for the Patriots. Let’s remember all the offseason talk about Revis and Rob Gronkowski’s return and Brady now comfortable with his sophomore receivers. This loss does NOT devalue the Patriots or takes them out the Super Bowl race. Many expected Brady to show out and the defense to handle quarterback Ryan Tannehill with no issues. It’s just an out of the ordinary loss for the “new & better defense, always had the offense” Patriots.

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