Ray Allen Rather Play With Derrick Rose Than Lebron James?

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls
The race for ‘The Three King’ is still ongoing and top teams, including the champs San Antonio Spurs are after him. Today, ESPN reported another team has reached out to Allen that was not mentioned before: the Chicago Bulls. The many additions Bulls have made offseason is something Allen may like and his experience with Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau (won ring in 2008 with Celtics with Thibodeau was Doc Rivers assistant). Speaking of Rivers, the Los Angeles Clippers are also after Allen.

We all know Allen is in his final years with the NBA but he still a dangerous weapon that any team would take with open arms. Many believe if he really wanted to play with his former teammate Lebron James in Cleveland that he would of made the decision already. The performance Derrick Rose is displaying during the FIBA World Cup could be a bit persuasive.


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