Chris Brown Has Karrueche Move In…The Guest Room?!

Sources close to Chris Brown told BOSSIP that he is single, that him and model Karrueche are just friends. Karrueche has moved in with Chris Brown but supposedly lives in the his guest room, not his room. Plus she has her own apartment in California as well. BOSSIP reported:

A source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that the two are in fact living together! “Yeah until he kicks her out. Naw, I’m just playing. But seriously, when she’s not traveling and working overseas, she’s with Chris at his house most of the time. She’s between her apartment in the valley and his house these days and for now, it’s working out for them.” While they may be living together and spending all their free time with one another. Our source spilled that they have not put a label on their love. “They’re still chilling and doing what they do but no, it’s still not exactly clear on what the direction the relationship is going in.,” the source revealed. “You know these two, they like it like this.” Our source continues, “besides, it’s all about timing and right now the timing is bad for Chris to really sit down and hash all that out with her now that his album is about to drop and he’s about to go on tour. It’s convenient for him because even though he loves Kae, his career has given him some wiggle room to keep the relationship in limbo and Karrueche is all for it. Chris wins again, so to speak.”

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