Errors By Prosecution Can Possibly Get Aaron Hernandez Off?

Aaron Hernandez
Will Aaron Hernandez get off?

According to an update on the Aaron Hernandez murder case, SportsWorldNews reported that the prosecution are about to lose more evidence again due to improper confiscation.

Hernandez’ attorneys are again seeking to have Hernandez’ cell phone evidence removed from the case as proper warrants were not present when they took the phone. The court filing also states that the prosecution forced Hernandez’ defensive team to turn over the phone with “false claim of legal authority”.

The prosecution have already lost evidence from several electronic devices from Hernandez’ home due to improper warrants to confiscate.

Hernandez has been accused of killing Odin Lloyd, a semi professional football player, in 2013.

When you have a warrant for one specific thing, it’s for that ONE specific thing. Not things you find a long the way. Plus, the gun is still missing. Looks brighter on Hernandez’ side more than the prosecution.

2 thoughts on “Errors By Prosecution Can Possibly Get Aaron Hernandez Off?

  1. i’m originally from Massachusetts and have seen more cops [state bulls as well as local cops and sheriffs] screw things up and watch every kind of dangerous criminal you can imagine walk and plea bargain way down because this inept aggressiveness. they should stick to mugging shoplifters and arrasing children. I hope he walks just to embarrase these stupid cop punks.

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