LADY SPEAKS: Ray Rice To Appeal The Suspension! You Cannot Be Serious!!!

Ray Rice, the biggest story in all news, is planning on appealing the indefinite suspension from the NFL according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.


The public was already upset about the arrest but once the footage was leaked, the outrage escalated. Women organizations want Roger Goodell out and former FBI agent is investigating the situation. Let’s add the upset players who were suspended longer than Rice’s first suspension (2 games) and the matter was not even close to Rice’s assault. Then, the disappoint fans who can’t believe this is happening to our beloved league.

I completely understand that whatever you do in your household should be private and not public. But you did assault your NOW wife in a public area with security cameras that was leaked. Then you knew about the video and was probably shocked you only received the 2 game suspension like everyone else, except we didn’t see the video. The video footage is what made it bad but what makes matters worse is that there is the possibility the NFL did see it and tried to “sweep it under the rug”.

NBA star Paul George made a statement that if it didn’t matter to his wife, why should it matter to us? I agree with this statement somewhat but I do not agree with any type of violence due to a verbal dispute: man on man, woman on man, man on woman!

Maybe it was the first Rice lost his cool. Doesn’t really matter to the media or nation as we seen what they did to Chris Brown and he was a teenager still be haunted by the 2009 incident. Dark Knight’s Batman actor Christian Bale beat his mother but you don’t hear much about that, do you?

Rice has put the league into a very bad situation, why add on? Not saying the league officials are any better.

At any rate, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE Goodell will overturn the suspension for Rice. They, the nation and media, won’t let him.

If he does overturn it, he might a well turn over his commissioner chair as well.

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