Derrick Rose Trying To Make A Change, Donates $1 Million To Chicago After School Program

Many NBA fans spoke about how this star was home injured for the last few years making millions, but at least he’s spending is his money wisely.

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose knows how violent his hometown Chicago is and how many young kids are getting killed due to gang violence.

Rose wants to make a difference as he donated $1 million to a Chicago non-profit organization that provides out-of-school programs. The After School Matters organization is populated with poor and minority teens.

Rose has donated a lot of money for programs in Chicago and has even paid for funerals for the unfortunate who have lost their loved ones due to Chicago violence.

Rose told ESPN:

“So many people have invested in me and I want to do the same for Chicago’s teens”

He does more for them than the mayor it seems.

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