Geno Smith Curses Out Fan After “We Want Vick” Chant

New York Jets v New Engalnd Patriots
New York Jets have lost another game, today to the Detroit Lions 17 to 24, placing them at the bottom of the AFC East, Jets fan started chanting “We Want Vick” after another bad performance by Smith with no touchdowns in the first half and 1 interception.

After the loss, Smith was walking off the field as CBS NY News 2 caught Smith saying “F**k You” to a Jets fan in the stands.

Smith later apologized about it during the post-game conference:

“I want to apologize if any kid saw me saying any negative remarks walking off the field. kind of let my temper get the best of me in that situation. It’s part of my learning process. I have to get better with that. I have to let that stuff roll off my back, but today I didn’t do well with that.”

Besides the turnovers, Smith had 209 yards, 1 touchdown and 4 rushing yards. Smith has 4 interceptions this season so far with a 77% QB rating.

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